In our bookshop, there are over 9,000 objects connected to Berlin alone, comprising several street-maps and steel engravings.

German geography: Brandenburg, Prussia, Germany, also comprising original views and over 3,000 documents about german regional history

Travel guides from Baedeker, Meyers, Grieben and others

Geography, journeys, ethnology: atlases, books, maps, views

Fiction, history of literature, about 5,000 books: first and classic editions, illustrated books, “Inselbücherei”

Literature for children and the young

Art, architecture including horticulture, planology, together about 2,000 objects

Political science, history of economy and society

Economical documents, corporate publications, catalogues, advertisements

Law, theology, philosophy, education and psychology

History, from the ancient world until today, biographies

Cultural history, history of customs: focusing on music, dancing, movies and theatre, …

Sports and play, fashion, home economics, gastronomy, cookbooks and many more

Technics, craft, natural sciences, biology, medicine, botany, zoology, agriculture and forestry

Humour, cabaret, circus, caricature, “Kleinkunst”

Bibliology, encyclopaedia (Meyers/Brockhaus etc.), also ammendments of missing seperate volumes. Beautiful covers, special editions

Almanacs, calendars, books from certain years etc.
Furthermore, we are offering galery-service, estimation, expertise